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News record: [643399] Butterflies Arrive from Tall Timbers

Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Consevancy (TTRSLC) is a biological research station and land trust located in Leon County, Florida just north of Tallahassee. TTRSLC maintains several important biological research collections, including a herbarium of nearly 11,000 specimens, a Lepidoptera collection representing about 1,000 species, and an ornithology collection of approximately 4,000 bird skins. The Lepidoptera collection was collected largely by Lucian Harris and was used in producing Butterflies of Georgia, and the bird collection is the result of several decades of collections by Henry Stoddard in an effort to better understand bird migration. In 2010 Tall Timbers' Research Program was awarded a biological research collection grant from the National Science Foundation to image and database these collections, the data and images for the birds and butterflies to be served by Morphbank, and the botanical specimen data and images to be served by the Robert K. Godfrey Herbarium at Florida State University. To date several hundred butterfly images and associated data records have been completed and uploaded to Morphbank. Plans are to begin the bird imaging during summer 2011, with a goal of completing all bird, butterfly, and plant imaging by the end of July 2012.

Sample Lepidoptera from Tall Timbers
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