News 471709

News record: [471709] Watch for UPDATES to Morphbank

Greetings everyone. Be on the lookout for updates to Morphbank. Anything unusual or weird is temporary and due to these alterations. Changes in progress for the next 2 days include: easier access for everyone to the My Manager user-interface & keyword searching and new options available from the header menu for logged-in users.

For the first time, the general public gets access to the My Manager user-interface as well as the keyword-search capability. For logged-in users, getting to Taxon Search is quick and easy -- found now under Browse > Taxon Search as well as Tools > Submit > Taxon Name.

In addition, a new tool, Name Query, appears under Help in the header menu. With this tool, would-be contributors to Morphbank can create a simple text file of taxon names and check to see if the taxon names are in Morphbank or not. This tool also reveals the parentage of each taxonomic name found.

Enjoy the new look and new tools!
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