News 470716

News record: [470716] Toward Standards for Photographing Living Plants

Morphbank Contributors, Steven J Baskauf and Bruce K Kirchoff have published a paper titled: Digital Plant Images as Specimens: Towards Standards for Photographing Living Plants in Vulpia 7:16-30. In conjunction with the paper, plant images uploaded to Morphbank are now in Morphbank collections that further illustrate the standard view concepts presented in the paper.
Woody angiosperm standard views
Herbaceous angiosperm standard views
Gymnosperm standard views
Flower, Close-up, sample view in detail

The abstract from the paper reads: Although specimens in natural history collections have traditionally been limited to physical objects, sets of images can serve many of the purposes of specimens if the images are collected in an appropriate manner. Image specimen sets should include standardized high resolution digital images of taxonomically important features of the organism, and the time, date, and location of image collection. Suggested image standards are presented here for woody and herbaceous angiosperms, gymnosperms, ferns, and cacti. Adoption of image standards will facilitate the creation of educational resources that can be made widely available through recently-developed electronic delivery methods such as the Internet and portable electronic devices.

Morphbank appreciates the efforts of the authors to exemplify the concept and purpose of standard views for plant images. This article and the sample image collections in Morphbank have already been utilized by the PlantCollections project as they progress in setting imaging standards for photographing live plants in Botanical Gardens in the USA and around the world.
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