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News record: [224606] Upcoming infrastructure changes..(read more)

We are making some changes and upgrades:
First our Web services address has changed from to We will maintain the Morphbank2 address until May 1st. Please let us know if you are using the service and have trouble making the May 1st deadline. Also if you would like to find out more about the data we are exposing please email us! We will be happy to help incorporate our services into your project.
Secondly, sometime in the next few weeks Morphbank will upgrade our server hardware. This means the upload and edit functions are locked for around 24 hours and if all goes well nothing will be noticeably different. The target date to make the switch is Saturday April 12, 2007. Just prior to the switch we will send an email to the Morphbank users list. If you are not on the users list and would like to be please email
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