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News record: [216486] New Login window, Edit from MyManager and other updates

Starting February 21st there are a few additions to version 2.7.
1. We are trying out a new kind of login that allows you to stay on the same page instead of switching to a different window to login. Click on the red ‘Click to Login’ in the main Morphbank menu to test it out. The entire window will turn grey and you will be presented with a place to put in your username and password near the menu. You can always access the old login window from the Tools menu.
2. All objects are now edited from the MyManager. To edit an image, specimen, view or any other object just move to the Tools>MyManager. Once in the MyManager find the object you are looking for using the keyword search and click the edit icon right next to the image.
3. Our taxon hierarchy now has an ITIS logo to show which names come from the Integrated Taxonomic Name server
4. New to the Tools menu is the My Collection interface. Here you can browse your collections easily.
5. A new slideshow highlighting a few of the great images and projects in Morphbank. If you have any questions regarding the recent changes or find something unexpected please contact us to let us know . Thanks again!

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