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News record: [109364] Morphbank 2.5 Release:

Morphbank has additional features that allow users to create image collections, annotations, add external links to GenBank, Google or other databases, add taxonomic names and edit records owned by the Morphbank user. A FSI Viewer has been incorporated into Morphbank to allow users to dramatically zoom, rotate and select portions of an image.

MyCollection: Users can browse images to create collections and manage (delete, publish) them using the Collection Manager. Once a collection is created, users can sort, label, view information, view images in FSI Viewer and annotate the collection or its contents. A published collection can be viewed by anyone and can be copied to a new or another one but cannot be modified.

Annotation: Users can comment images using this tool. This includes the ability to add arrows on images, and put comments on the point of interest. They can agree/disagree on a current determination or add a new determination.

External Links: Users now have the capability to link to other databases, Specimen sequence data, etc. They can be added while uploading Specimen, Image, or Locality etc. Links can be added to existing Morphbank records using the Edit feature.

Edit: Users now have the ability to correct errors, add/update external links and change determination on existing specimens.

Add Taxonomic Name: Users can add names to the taxonomic hierarchy based on their privileges.
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